Terms & Conditions

Please be advised:

  • We are unable to guarantee that your samples will be returned to you. Once they are provided to the manufacturer they may be destroyed in order to prevent discovery of inner components, materials, and etc.
  • It is common practice for factories to require a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of at least 1000euro. Lower minimums may be available with a surcharge. Minimum order quantities vary by product.
  • All of the products you see represented on this website are from the open market. This means that the product design and tooling is owned by the manufacturers. We do not show custom products (OEM) to other customers as this is confidential information.
  • Upon your request, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement where we agree not to divulge information about your product designs to individuals not involved in the manufacturing of your products. If you desire a non-disclosure agreement, please provide your agreement for our review and signature.