Hoby Trading International is a Dutch-based import/export company that specializes in procuring products from China and the Netherland for clients based in the Netherlands, the Far East, and the Middle East.

Our head office is based in The Netherlands, and our branch is located in Hong Kong. We have experience in import/export, providing a wide range of products including:

  • household products
  • leisure
  • jewellery
  • company gifts
  • food products (exported to the Far East and the Middle East)

We help customers source, manufacture and inspect their products using the most qualified ISO manufacturers in China and the Netherlands.

Now-a-days many things are produced and imported from China. To shorten the distance between importers and factories, a middleman or trading company cannot be missed during the buying process. Our focus is in “reliability and quality”; we provide professional and efficient services based on the fact that we speak the same language with our factories. We ensure that your products are produced in the requested quality and quantity, and that they are shipped on time. Of course, all this comes with a good price to meet your budget, as we offer you the most competitive prices!

As agents with a Hong Kong office, we are able to search on your behalf for a qualified manufacturer to fit your production requirements. Our experienced trading staff in Hong Kong provide immediate access to thousands of factories which strengthens the communication process due to the fact that no other agents or middlemen are involved in your trading process.